On Wednesday, 2 November 2016 at 15:08:26 UTC, anonymous wrote:
On Wednesday, 2 November 2016 at 12:36:45 UTC, Johan Engelen wrote:
LDC built with DMD 2.072.0 gives the following error when run:
object.Error@src/rt/minfo.d(356): Cyclic dependency between module ddmd.traits and ddmd.cond
ddmd.traits* ->
ddmd.attrib ->
ddmd.cond* ->
ddmd.expression ->

Pretty much all of LDC's D code is DDMD front-end code, master is at front-end version 2.071.2. I hope someone can try to build DMD 2.071.2 using 2.072.0 and see if a similar issue is found.

I confirm, dmd 2.072 can't build dmd 2.071.2, same error, but boot since master straping works there's probably something that's been fixed in one or two of these ddmd modules, likely a static ctor...

Maybe after this:


ddmd.attribs was removed


and it was also part of the cycle.

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