Am 06.11.2016 um 09:22 schrieb Daniel Kozak via Digitalmars-d-announce:
Dne 6.11.2016 v 07:58 Sönke Ludwig via Digitalmars-d-announce napsal(a):
I checked now and the version included in the (Windows) DMD bundle
indeed reports as 1.0.0, so the fix is not present. But the next DMD
point release will include 1.1.1, which includes all changes to date.
I'll also put binaries of 1.1.0 on in a few minutes.

Is there a place when one can check this? I mean in which repository
this is placed?

The version is reported with "dub --version", the change log is here:

The actual version in the bundle is not stored in a repository as far as I know, but is just an artifact of the build process.

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