Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
On 11/12/16 8:15 PM, Adam Wilson wrote:
Hello DLang,

I wanted to announce that I have completed the bulk of the work on my
Cryptography library for D, SecureD. I was inspired to do this project
by Stan Drapkin and his Inferno.NET project, however, the two projects
NOT compatible.


Let me know what you think!

I'm not a crypto guru or even a casual user. But I think it's very
important that we have something like this for D, thanks for your work!

You're welcome. There are more goodies in the pipe. :)

I know vibe.d uses crypto for https usage. Any ideas/comparison with
that? Would the code look better with your lib instead? Would it be more
secure? Having vibe.d as a consumer would be a huge boost to testing/usage.

vibe.d uses OpenSSL for HTTPS streaming, I use OpenSSL for the cryptographic primitives it supports. A benefit is that you only have to link one library. And vibe.d's code absolutely would look cleaner. Unfortunately, my library targeted for long-term storage scenarios, and SSL is a streaming scenario.

To my mind, you would use OpenSSL for HTTPS as part of an HTTP or web library like vibe.d. Anything I implement would be lower level and not very useful outside of that scenario. It's not a bad idea, but I think it's outside the scope of what my library is trying to accomplish.

My apologies for not more clearly noting that I was targeting long-term storage scenarios, I meant to in the write-up and it must've slipped through the edits.


Adam Wilson
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