Adam Wilson, a past DConf speaker, has graciously accepted to be our guest speaker this month. Although he will present in-person, as usual, we will be live on Google Hangouts as well. I will post the link here right before we start at 7pm Pacific time.

Come in-person at 6:30pm for food and drinks but plea^H^H^H^H RSVP so we know how much to order:


The Curse of Knowledge is a cognitive bias where a highly skilled person unknowingly assumes that others have the required background to understand a given topic. But what happens when a group of intelligent, like-minded, software engineers design a library? This talk will compare and contrast library designs with an emphasis on how we can use the power of D to improve the usability of our libraries. This exploration of library design will culminate in a discussion of how well designed libraries can be used to rapidly construct the services that businesses rely on and capture mind-share for D in the process.


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