On 02/13/2017 02:18 PM, Guillaume Piolat wrote:

> https://www.auburnsounds.com/blog/2017-02-13_Vibrant-2.0-released-free-demo.html
> There is nothing terribly interesting to say technically.

I disagree because you've already given interesting details like the following and you said elsewhere in this thread "Big mistake were: having a variable timestep, and having custom adhoc physics." :)

> The game
> originally started as a Turbo pascal experiment in ~2003 on a 486 to
> understand matrices. At first it was using 3x2 matrices because it's
> sufficient for 2D. Only recently the code recovered enough to consider
> new features, it's a mess of legacy code that has somehow survived
> (Pascal+assembly to D1 to D2).

All interesting stuff! Look how much interest the self-important idiom received, which the original author had thought to be a trivial matter:


A blog post may improve the sales of your game. :)


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