On Monday, 27 February 2017 at 23:02:43 UTC, Nicholas Wilson wrote:
Interesting to write kernels in D, since a limitation of CUDA is that you need to multiply the entry points to instantiate a template differently, and a limitation of OpenCL C is that you need templates and includes in the first place.

Wait you mean you have to explicitly instantiate every instance of a templated kernel? Ouch.

IIRC, that entry point explosion happens in CUDA when you separate strictly host and device code. Not sure for mixed mode as I've never used that.

I should first emphasise the future tense of the second half of the sentence you quoted.

How does this work?

DCompute (the compiler infrastructure) is currently capable of building .ptx and .spv as part of the compilation process. They can be used directly in any process pipeline you may have already.

.ptx, got it.

Does the host code need something like DerelictCL/CUDA to work?

If you want to call the kernel, yes. The eventual goal of DCompute (the D infrastructure) is to fully wrap and unify and abstract the OpeCL/CUDA runtime libraries (most likely provided by Derelict), and have something like:

Let me know if you need more things in OpenCL bindings.

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