On Tuesday, 11 April 2017 at 10:40:53 UTC, qznc wrote:
On Sunday, 9 April 2017 at 13:30:54 UTC, Szabo Bogdan wrote:

I just made an update to my fluent assert library. This is a library that allows you to write asserts in a BDD style.

Right now, it contains only asserts that I needed in my projects and I promise that I will add more in the future.

I would really appreciate any feedback that you can give me.



I was looking for testing exceptions. It is not documented, but the seems to be there. Still, it looks weird, because it does not fit the style:

      throw new Exception("test");

what do you mean, they are not documented? there is a md file fith some examples here: https://github.com/gedaiu/fluent-asserts/blob/v0.3.0/api/exceptions.md

What do you think I can do to have the exception asserts to fit the style?

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