On Wednesday, 19 April 2017 at 16:52:14 UTC, Thomas Brix Larsen wrote:
Take a look at FileDescriptor[1]. It is a class I've added to support read/write using File from std.stdio. You can create a similar streamer using std.mmfile. I believe that this would be enough for memory mapped reading.

[1]: https://github.com/ThomasBrixLarsen/capnproto-dlang/blob/master/source/capnproto/FileDescriptor.d

Ok, thanks. I took a look at several capnproto implementations just now, and didn't see any tests for a mmap 'feature'. The roadmap doc below indicates it doesn't exist, and perhaps there are some details yet to be resolved to make it 'friendly' for a mmap.


mmap-friendly mutable storage format: Define a standard storage format that is friendly to mmap-based use while allowing modification. (With the current serialization format, mmap is only useful for read-only structures.) Possibly based on the ORM interface, updates only possible at the granularity of a whole ORM entry.

In java the MappedByteBuffer can be used with a RandomAccessFile channel, and then the accesses of the loaded map can be random, without requiring sequential accesses of the whole mapped file. So java nio already has some higher level classes in place that would make it easier to develop a first implementation of the mmap features.

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