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I've put up three more builds, including ldc master, which uses the latest 2.071 frontend. Once I get JNI and the sample app working, I'll make a proper announcement.

I've put up the latest native and cross-compiler ldc 1.1.0 beta builds for Android, fresh from the master branch and using the 2.071 frontend:


I believe I've fixed the issue that was causing random crashes in the sample apps, a regression from porting the NDK's C wrapper to D, found by Vadim Lopatim. I've added three sample apps that demonstrate calling D code from JNI.

The sample C++ Teapot app from the NDK has been ported to D and mostly works, including calling Java methods from D through JNI, but I need to track down some other touch-related bugs from the port before committing it. I'm finishing up reggae files to make building the sample apps very easy. I'd like to write up the process to build and use ldc natively on your Android mobile device, from the Termux app, on the wiki.

Once those three are done, I'll create a new thread to properly announce this beta; in the meantime, nothing will change with these new beta builds, so try them out.

Piping hot builds of the upcoming ldc 1.1.1 release available as both a linux/x64 -> Android/ARM cross-compiler and a native Android/ARM compiler, that you can run on your own phone or tablet:


I finally spent some time tracking down that touch bug in the sample Teapot app, think I know where it's coming from now, just need to fix it.

Based on the recent 1.2 release of ldc, new builds for Android are up:


Notice how small the patches for ldc are, now that kinke added support for cross-compiling reals to lower-precision platforms, basically just a few additions to the CMake script to cross-compile the standard library left. Only a single assert from the stdlib tests trips, a longtime codegen issue in std.random that became visible now, and the entire compiler dmd-testsuite passes.

I'll update the wiki, upload my remaining patches, post upstream PRs, and finally clean up and put out that sample Teapot app, which shows using JNI to call Java functions from your D app, this week.

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