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Perhaps there will be scope for renaming if/when this also includes graphics when either OpenCL is merged into the Vulkan API or Petar Kirov gets Vulkan SPIRV generation going on LLVM, but for now the name stays.

People who GPU program are indeed a small group. But you do NOT entice other people to try it, when they do not even know a language has this feature set. And this comes down to marketing.

Lets post "D has DCompute" or "D has D-GPU"... on Reddit, ycombinator and other forum or news site.

What do you think people will more likely click on?

The people who are used to Compute, will still click on the GPU link.

The people who are unfamiliar with Compute will still click on the GPU link, because its such a familiar term to them.

And so what if people start a big discussion about the name. If only 10% of those people come to the D site from a either language, its a instant success. Positive or negative marketing is a win-win in this case.

And GPU does not mean directly DirectX, OpenGL in people there minds. GPU people think about there graphical card because that is exactly what the term means.

I have no dog in this discussion but as somebody just learning D it seems like a total wasted opportunity.

Reading past topics D on those sites, it seems D has been fighting the whole GC stigma for years. D its GC marketing is bad. While other languages ( some even with GC like Go ) simply sail past, thanks to people pushing its virtues, when in reality D its GC actually performs better in specific tests. Marketing... From my view D has been mostly sitting on its behind for years, hoping for word-to-mouth to do the trick. While other languages used there big parents name as a cheap talking point memo ( Apple, Google, Mozilla ... ).

And this is exactly why D has such difficulty being accepted outside its own community. People being too stubborn to recognize a marketing opportunity. My apologies for that comment but its true. D does not have the big name recognition and has a even "old" stigma these days.

My advice to Walter is to hire a actual marketing person that can help focus resources and ideas. Hell, even a name change, a new look, ... who knows.

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