On 2017-09-04 00:57, Boris-Barboris wrote:
I tried all existing libraries, and noted pretty mature dpq2 and ddb (and it's hb-ddb fork) libs. I didn't like the first one, because I didn't want to leave vibe-d eventloop, and the second one was native (big plus for me), supported vibe-d sockets. I forked it, multiplied performance by hacking in write buffer, but then the whole philosophy behind it's code structure started to bother me, it incapsulated too much IMHO. I needed something low-level, with access to message nature of the protocol.

If would be great if you want to upstream your improvements.

I think it's a bit unfortunate that everyone is rolling their own implementations in this community instead of working together. I would say that it's rare to need direct access to the messages of the protocol. But perhaps the library can be better structured in layers/levels, allowing the user to pick the most suitable level for his/her needs.

/Jacob Carlborg

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