Hi! Couple of weeks ago I was approached with a task of writing simple microservice, and I decided to give D a chance. The problem with performance became apparent very soon, and I started to look for the cause. I tried all existing libraries, and noted pretty mature dpq2 and ddb (and it's hb-ddb fork) libs. I didn't like the first one, because I didn't want to leave vibe-d eventloop, and the second one was native (big plus for me), supported vibe-d sockets. I forked it, multiplied performance by hacking in write buffer, but then the whole philosophy behind it's code structure started to bother me, it incapsulated too much IMHO. I needed something low-level, with access to message nature of the protocol.

So, here's another one, uses native PSQL EQ TCP protocol:

Barely any type support, barely tested, but my little service with it's two tables actually responds to requests. It's something.

Maybe something good will happen and it will find it's use, maybe someone will come and write good generic ORM\DB tool for D, and we'll have a good low-level client to hack into it as an PSQL adapter, maybe it will perish. Who knows. It will definetly go, if I won't publish it though.

If anyone here has some insight on typical architectural errors wich make ORM writer's life hard, please share.

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