On Monday, 4 September 2017 at 06:40:09 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

If would be great if you want to upstream your improvements.

I think it's a bit unfortunate that everyone is rolling their own implementations in this community instead of working together. I would say that it's rare to need direct access to the messages of the protocol. But perhaps the library can be better structured in layers/levels, allowing the user to pick the most suitable level for his/her needs.

I did try (for example https://github.com/teamhackback/hb-ddb/pull/38, branch with the buffer: https://github.com/Boris-Barboris/hb-ddb/commits/buffered_sockets), up until the point I understood I dislike it so much it would be easier for me to rewrite it. Amount of possible message combinations made me write some hack methods like prepare_and_bind, bind_and_query, bind_and_execute... I kinda gave up.

It is rare indeed, I would not recommend it to anyone sane, but abstractions leak, and when they do, they better not have everything marked private or belong to separate address space.

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