On Monday, 30 October 2017 at 22:22:42 UTC, Bastiaan Veelo wrote:
[...] Unlike linters that are based on DScanner, it actually invokes dmd on the file that is being edited, as you edit. [...]

I just tried the plugin and it seems to work very well! Thanks for the good work.

Have you considered invoking dub instead of dmd if there's a dub.json/.sdl file? I imagine when people use "preBuildCommands" to generate code, for example, the linter might report false positives. Same goes for custom D versions (e.g. `version(Have_foo) { ... }`).

There's also the --single feature of dub: https://code.dlang.org/advanced_usage Such files may not work correctly with this linter at this time I presume.

All in all they way this plugin works is a great idea! The more it knows about the full commandline of the resulting dmd invocation, the more accurate it is.

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