On 12/12/2017 6:37 PM, Seb wrote:
After it has been in stealth mode for quite a while, I'm happy to announce that there's https://run.dlang.io

=== Features ===

* Color-highlighted DMD errors
* Format source code with dfmt
* Generate a short URL for link sharing


Or something else more obvious.

* Import/Export to GitHub Gist
* Typical key shortcuts like CTRL+Enter -> Run
* Build cache for fast execution of common examples (e.g. the ones on front page of dlang.org)
* Usable on your phone
* Integrated with dlang.org (you can open any example on dlang.org in run.dlang.io by clicking the right arrow button) * Integrated with tour.dlang.org (you can open any example on the DTour in run.dlang.io by clicking on the "Export" button)

=== Supported D Compilers ===

* Latest DMD nightly
* Latest DMD beta
* Latest DMD
* Latest LDC beta
* Latest LDC

The Docker images are rebuilt every day automatically.

Can we please select a version we want to test against?

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