On Monday, 25 December 2017 at 20:31:18 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:

Thanks for the great article! Some suggestions:

Thanks for your comments, I've incorporated them (to my liking).

1. The gray-on-white text is not very legible.

Looks great here, I like it, sorry. (made it completely black now, can't see the difference here though)

This comes across as unduly negative.

This is a contrived example, and implies that normal D code is written like C++ code.

It would be nice to add a paragraph mentioning things about D that make it a more memory safe language.

This code should be rejected by the compiler if using -dip1000. It is not, so I filed a bug report

I'd rather use examples that didn't rely on compiler/library bugs.

You're right, the examples are (of course) contrived. However, I didn't want to write a marketing article, and I also want to show examples found in the wild. I think one of the use cases of ASan is exactly that it can help discover bugs whereever they are, even in the compiler / standard library. I've added bits and pieces to indicate some facilities of D to mitigate these kinds of bugs, but the reality is that a lot of D code is not idiomatic and does not use the safety features (for diverse reasons). The article is not meant as a marketing piece (only for ASan), but also shouldn't be overly critical of D. Hope that the balance is a bit better now with the modifications.


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