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Thanks for your proof-reading.

- (or ASan for short)
That came a little late in the article because ASan already appeared in the introduction.

peak your interest ->
pique your interest

Cppcon ->

an ulong ->
a ulong
(That's assuming that ulong is pronounced starting with 'y'.)

small code fragment ->
code fragment

The ASan output is harder to correlate
In this case the ASan output is harder to correlate

running the Phobos and ->
running Phobos and

a blacklist and functions that ->
a blacklist so that functions that

some function that match this ->
a function that match this
some functions that match this

standard library with ASan enabled ->
standard library ASan-enabled

asan library for the ->
ASan library for the

prevent code from doing ->
prevents code from doing

is the contrived example ->
is a contrived example

Work in progress…!
Work in progress…

as in C++, for example because of ->
as in C++ partly because of

the guys at Weka.io ->
the folks at Weka.io
(just because "guys" may not come as gender-neutral, whether rightly or not :/ )


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