On Wednesday, 11 July 2018 at 13:57:45 UTC, SrMordred wrote:
But for technical aspect like performance, very honestly I'm still not sure of its technical superiority over similar languages.

Just have a look at this one, which is quite famous :


I know that many people here will simply tell me that all those personal et external benchmarks are all wrong, etc.

Maybe you are right.

But in terms of communication, wouldn't it be much more effective that the D experts of this forum simply fix the open source code of those benchmarks to make D's technical superiority much more obvious, so that the decision makers of software development companies, which stupidly use the informations of such benchmarks when investigating alternative technologies, can more easily suggest to their leadership to switch to D ?

I' quite sure that D can achieve performance equivalence with any other language. I donĀ“t see any reason not to.

About that specific benchmark, not sure vibe.d had some updates since the first time I saw because I remembered people arguing here about why it was not that good on performance. Maybe now it will make better results.

And I agree about the communication part. Altough i like to see benchmarks and like to see the competition part of it their objective is just to point out that "we can do as much as these other guys can".

When benchmarks go slow people say that "benchmark is not everything or are wrong somehow".

But then when D get the fastest regex parser of the world, is all proud :)

But again, I believe that D can be performance competitive in any case.
Sincerely speaking D language does not merit all these criticism. The magnitude of criticism on D language does not really make sense to me. I am yet to see a language so user friendly as D with such power and strength.I trust one day the world will see and know that D is a language build for programmers for great productivity and not just another money making machine

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