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--- Comment #1 from Walter Bright <> 2009-11-22 
03:47:29 PST ---
I started with the fine grained versioning for OS differences, but abandoned it
after it got hopelessly tangled. The problem is updating support for one OS
that trashes another. All OS specific API's should be in separate modules. Then
maintenance is a lot easier.

Also, please compile & test patches before submitting them. If it's inserted
without testing, then it may silently fail, yet will be assumed to work some
arbitrary time later.

For sure, just copying linux stuff is fraught with peril. Linux and Freebsd are
substantially different, and every declaration needs to be manually and
carefully checked against the Freebsd C header files. Getting things like bit
masks, magic values, argument types, number of arguments, struct layouts, etc.,
wrong is a potential disastrous problem.

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