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> (In reply to comment #46)
> > Now, change F from a struct to a class. We believe that the code should 
> > still
> > fail to compile.
> A theorem prover could not produce a compile time error, because it could not
> prove that f is actually an F, and not of a class derived from F.

You have completely ignored the whole point of this request, which has been
explained to you by four of us several times over.

> OOP is runtime polymorphism, not compile time. A struct type is fundamentally
> different from a class type.

Runtime polymorphism is about overriding behaviour, not overriding legality.

> And lastly, your request is quite different from Example #1, which is 
> asserting
> that the contract for must always pass, even if it's calling

What are you talking about?

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