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> > I'm sorry, but this reading can't close the discussion.
> I think it does. The proposed behavior does not allow this:
> "None of this, then, is permitted. But the reverse changes are of course
> legitimate. A redeclaration may weaken the original’s precondition or it may
> strengthen the postcondition. Changes of either kind mean that the subcon-
> tractor does a better job than the original contractor-which there is no 
> reason
> to prohibit."

And indeed, it is not prohibited.

> Doing a better job is succeeding where the parent method would have failed its
> precondition. It all boils down to the fact that it's natural to have methods
> that can't work in the parent but do work in the child.

It is stated (quoting myself) that :
« fizzbuzzB(B b) {; // ( OR's in contract is valid
} »

Which exactly the behavior you talk about.

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