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--- Comment #55 from Walter Bright <> 2012-05-05 
17:27:24 PDT ---
Mea culpa.

I read Meyer's book again. Chapter 16.1 "Cutting out the middleman" pg. 575

"A client of MATRIX must satisfy the original (stronger) precondition, and may
only expect the original (weaker) postcondition; even if its request gets
served dynamically by NEW_MATRIX it has no way of benefiting from the broader
tolerance of inputs and tighter precision of results. To get this improved
specification it must declare the matric to be of type NEW_MATRIX, thereby
losing access to other implementations represented by descendants of MATRIX
that are not also descendants of NEW_MATRIX."

(MATRIX is the base class, NEW_MATRIX is the derived class.)

So I'm reopening it as a normal bug.

Unfortunately, I do not currently see a reasonable way of implementing this.
Fortunately, as is it does not inhibit correct programs, it only accepts some
invalid ones.

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