On 5/6/2012 2:19 AM, d-bugm...@puremagic.com wrote:
That is not this complicated. you need a final function that check the in
contract, then call another virtual function that actually execute the function
body and the out contract.

With such a configuration, the in contract is checked and only then the virtual
dispatch is done.

It's not that simple. Several considerations have to be met:

1. Because of struct construction/destruction, you really only want to construct the parameter list *once*, but you're calling two functions with the same parameter list.

2. Variadic functions mean that one function cannot forward to another one using standard functions. (Perhaps a dirty magic thunk can work.)

3. The presence or absence of contracts must not change the ABI of the function.

4. The virtual table must be unchanged.

5. It's not so practical to jump into the middle of another function - things just aren't designed that way.

6. The caller now has to be aware of contracts in the called function, this was never necessary before.

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