Trying to get dub dustmite to work, but I keep getting "initial test fails"

This is the error from a vanilla dub test:

result ~wip: building configuration "result-test-unittest"...
inout(SumType!(int, FailureContainer))
../../.dub/packages/sumtype-0.9.4/sumtype/src/sumtype.d(1322,4): Error: static assert: "handler #1 of type Optional!(Exception) function(FailureContainer container) pure nothrow @nogc @safe never matches" ../../.dub/packages/sumtype-0.9.4/sumtype/src/sumtype.d(1165,14): instantiated from here: matchImpl!(inout(SumType!(int, FailureContainer))) source/result/result.d(136,20): instantiated from here: match!(inout(SumType!(int, FailureContainer))) tests/result.d(20,20): instantiated from here: Result!(int, Exception)
dmd failed with exit code 1.

Then I run this dub dustmite command:

dub dustmite -b unittest ../dubdust --compiler-regex="never matches"

And I get:

Loading /Users/aliak/dev/dubdust/vibe-d/web/vibe/web/web.d
None => No
Hint: use --no-redirect to see test script output
Hint: read object.Exception@DustMite/dustmite.d(295): Initial test fails: Test script "/usr/local/Cellar/dub/1.20.0/bin/dub dustmite --vquiet --test-package=result --build=unittest --config=library \"--compiler=dmd\" \"--compiler-regex=never matches\"" exited with exit code 3 (failure)

* --no-redirect doesn't work in dub dustmite.
* I tried adding --compiler-status=1 with the same result
* I tired --combined with the same result

My dub.json for the unittest configuration is (incase that matters):
            "name": "unittest",
            "importPaths": [
            "sourcePaths": [

Thanks for any help!

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