On Saturday, 25 April 2020 at 09:38:59 UTC, aliak wrote:
Trying to get dub dustmite to work, but I keep getting "initial test fails"

This is the error from a vanilla dub test:

result ~wip: building configuration "result-test-unittest"...
inout(SumType!(int, FailureContainer))
../../.dub/packages/sumtype-0.9.4/sumtype/src/sumtype.d(1322,4): Error: static assert:  
"handler #1 of type Optional!(Exception) function(FailureContainer container) pure 
nothrow @nogc @safe never matches"
instantiated from here: matchImpl!(inout(SumType!(int, FailureContainer))) source/result/result.d(136,20): instantiated from here: match!(inout(SumType!(int, FailureContainer))) tests/result.d(20,20): instantiated from here: Result!(int, Exception)
dmd failed with exit code 1.

Then I run this dub dustmite command:

dub dustmite -b unittest ../dubdust --compiler-regex="never matches"

And I get:

Loading /Users/aliak/dev/dubdust/vibe-d/web/vibe/web/web.d
None => No
Hint: use --no-redirect to see test script output
Hint: read https://github.com/CyberShadow/DustMite/wiki#initial-test-fails object.Exception@DustMite/dustmite.d(295): Initial test fails: Test script "/usr/local/Cellar/dub/1.20.0/bin/dub dustmite --vquiet --test-package=result --build=unittest --config=library \"--compiler=dmd\" \"--compiler-regex=never matches\"" exited with exit code 3 (failure)

* --no-redirect doesn't work in dub dustmite.
* I tried adding --compiler-status=1 with the same result
* I tired --combined with the same result

My dub.json for the unittest configuration is (incase that matters):
            "name": "unittest",
            "importPaths": [
            "sourcePaths": [

Thanks for any help!

How do you call dub test causing the issue? Maybe there is a difference in the configuration/build type.

Also a side remark. You cannot use the output of dmd when colouring is on. Dmd lies because the backticks used for colouring are not shown. But without them, regex search is failing.

I also wonder whether dub Dustmite should be enhanced to search for a plain text too. Because while using regex search there might be characters which have a regex meaning while user just want a simple text search. This could also cause issues.

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