On Wednesday, 24 June 2020 at 19:28:15 UTC, matheus wrote:

To see how the game could fit/run in D, like people are porting some of those games to Rust/Go and so on.

When you mention "advantage", advantage compared to what?

To the original language the game was written. For example taking DOOM (Written in C), in D what would be the features that someone would use to port this game, like using CTFE to generate SIN/COS table would be reasonable?

I'm just looking for a roughly idea of this matter.

A previous game implementation in D would be interesting and if you do it you are welcome to write your about experiences here. It's hard to say what features you would take advantage in D as I haven't seen the code in C/C++. However, one thing is clear D would be an easy port because it is so close to C/C++. Every algorithm can be ported directly without any bigger change. If it would Rust you would probably have to rethink some of the data structures and it would be more difficult. Another thing that is clear is that productivity would be high. With today's fast machines and old games you don't have to worry about any GC pauses as there is plenty of time for that. You can basically use the slow "scripting language" features of D. I would expect that D is in the C# ball park in productivity for such task.

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