Am 22.05.2014 17:39, schrieb David:
Hey, I'm really new to D, and pretty new to programming overall too,
But I want to make a 3d Game, (just sth. small). I really like D and
want to do it in D, but in the Internet there is no shit about
programming a game in D ^^
Is there any engine written in D?
For example the CryEngine is for C++, so I would have to write a wrapper?
So, how do I write a wrapper? I would need a wrapper for DirectX too right?
Are there any wrappers ore Engines for D i can use?
btw. I know I dont write that in 1 day ^^
Are there any tutorials or sth. on Programming a Game in D?
Soooooooo I just wanna come as far to have a little Cube where i can run
around on with a few phisics :) so just the startup to load a world and
so on
Thanks in advance :)
And sry my english sucks :D

I wrote a game in D, and its doable. See

Its even on github:

Kind Regards
Benjamin Thaut

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