On Tuesday, 27 May 2014 at 10:03:36 UTC, David wrote:
On Saturday, 24 May 2014 at 08:54:53 UTC, ponce wrote:

Hi David,

Learning programming, learning D and learning 3D are 3 significant endeavours. You might want to begin with http://www.basic4gl.net/ which will get you going with 3D, quite a topic in itself.
Then learn D regardless :)

So, I'v used Blender for a half year or sth. and I think I can make a little area :) As far as I know, I do now need a graphic and physics engines, 1 of the graphic APIs and for sure my programming stuff and here I'm stuck :D

And I still can't install Mono-D :( if I try I just get a whole bunch of errors that any packages couldn't be found, don't know if I'm doing sth. wrong
(I probably do :P)

I would STRONGLY advise to go with a ready engine like Unity.

You still have to learn a lot before you will have just building blocks to create a game like loading and rendering 3D models, a gameplay framework etc etc.

Start with Unity, lean how to make a game there. Learn how to programm gameplay there and after that, when you see what is needed before even being able to make a game, only then try to make things from scratch. Use C# in Unity too as it is similar to D so you will have easier transition when necessary.

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