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In my oppinion C should have been deprecated about 50 years ago and it's not worth while to learn it if you are not interested in the history of programming or you have to learn it, because you need to maintain software which is allready written in C. But that's my oppinion; others may have a different sight.


Could you elaborate more about C being a burden? I have read so many people saying C gives a great foundation and should be everyone's first language. Now I am confused.

One example is this recent post: https://forum.dlang.org/post/yjgkatpbkdyyksldg...@forum.dlang.org

“[...] recently all the problems I am having with D are because D is actually superior to C and some assumptions I still have because of C should be uninstalled from my brain.”

If you plan on ending up with D anyway, I think that learning C first is an unnecessary detour and can be counter productive in some ways. And if your objective is to have fun, I would recommend against C (except for a masochistic kind of fun).

Don’t take the detour, take the D tour! :-)


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