On Wednesday, 31 July 2019 at 18:38:02 UTC, Alexandre wrote:
Should I go for C and then when I become a better programmer change to D?
Should I start with D right now?

In my view, the most important thing is the decision you've already made - to pick a programming language and learn it in a reasonable bit of depth. Which programming language you choose is less important. No matter which choice you make you'll have the opportunity to learn skills that will transfer to other programming languages.

As you can tell from the other responses, the pros and cons of a learning a specific language depend quite a bit on what you hope to get out of it, and are to a fair extent subjective. But both C and D provide meaningful opportunities to gain worthwhile experience.

A couple reasons for considering learning D over C are its support for functional programming and templates. These were also mentioned by a few other people. These are not really "beginner" topics, but as one moves past the beginner stage they are really quite valuable techniques to start mastering. For both D is the far better option, and it's not necessary to use either when starting out.


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