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Knowing many paradigms well is proven experimentally (see the work by Petre, Green, Gilmore, and others) to improve capability in any given language. So knowing Java, Prolog, Lisp, Python, SQL, C, Go, Rust, D, Kotlin, Groovy, Ruby to a goodly level of competence makes you a better programmer in any one of them.

Thank you Russel Winder. Thanks to your comment, I was able to find the book you spoke of and ordered it immediately.
For those who may be interested, here it is:
Psychology of Programming (Computers and People Series), written by J-M Hoc, T.R.G. Green, R. samurcay, & D. Gilmore, published in 1991 by Academic Press.

As for me, it is interesting to notice that the authors of this book work for Inria, the same French Institute who created F* language in partnership with Microsoft Research, along with Low*, a subset of F* language and its librairies, focused on C features (e.g. the C memory model, stack and heap-allocated arrays, machine integers, C string literals, etc.). See https://fstarlang.github.io/lowstar/html/Introduction.html for more details.

It is really refreshing for the community to have someone like you who keep connections with other languages, technologies and paradigms.

I wish you the best!

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