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> Yes, that was intentional. What I wanted to say is, that I think, 
> that it would have been better, if C was never invented at all... 
> In that case, there would have been space for an other language 
> for writing operating systems, without that much bugs in its 
> design. (But one never knows afterwards...)

If C had not been invented by Ritchie, Thompson, et al., something very like
it would have been invented by someone else. BCPL and B were not really
gaining the traction they perhaps should have had, and Algol, Algol68,
FORTRAN, PL/1, COBOL, etc. were not really designed for writing operating


The problem was not the invention of C, the problem was all those programmers
who stopped thinking about using the right tool for a given task in a given
context, and started using C for all programming situations. But it happened,
it is read-only history. Rust, D, and Go are the current ways out of the
tragedy that was using C for applications programming. C++ is finally catching

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