On 10/17/2016 01:44 PM, David Soria Parra wrote:
Looking at other languages that have similar process. Python's PIPs are
probably the closest to DIP. Two observations:

1. Python as clean tooling around PIPs. We should render PIPs from the
dlang/DIP nicely at dip.dlang.org (My understanding that repository is
now favored over wiki entries).

2. Python DIPs are Guido's main focus of work. Maybe we can write a bot
mailing current in-process DIPs on a weekly basis to the mailinglist as
digest to remind Walter, Andrei and others to reviewed. The list should
ordered by last comment/review on it. I am not 100% aware of all the
edge cases of the process and have a terrible track record of
implementing things I say i will implement, but I can give such a
mailing bot a try, by scaping dlang/DIP.

3. It would be great to be clear if the people who can accept a DIP
reviewed it and what the current suggested improvements are so we can
make constant head-way.

Thanks, David. Hope you're doing well! I was curious about one thing - is there some scrutiny going into the PIPs before Guido reviews them? Right now we seem to have a scalability issue; some of the DIPs we have seem to be no more than a couple of hours of work from the submitters. Writing a good review for a submission that needs a lot of improvement is in many ways more difficult than reviewing a well-argued DIP.

I was therefore wondering - given Python's popularity - whether there is some filtering of PIPs prior to them being reviewed by Guido.



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