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> On 10/17/2016 7:54 PM, Manu via Digitalmars-d wrote:
>> You mean like that time I spent at least 2 years fighting for
>> final-by-default, won over the entire community except for a single
>> person who said they were indifferent (who I forget who was).
>> Even you begrudgingly conceded (or at least appeared to), the change
>> was implemented, reviewed, merged, and then Andrei appeared back from
>> holiday or wherever, and got angry that it happened in his absence and
>> said he would *never* approve such a thing, and immediately reverted
>> the patch...?
>> One of the most democratic experiences of my life ;)
>> I would be involved in the 'scope' DIP, but I fear my contribution
>> would work against my interests. I'm currently unhappy with it, but I
>> don't really care anymore. I've lost sight of the dream ;)
>> I just want to be able to pass an rvalue to a function that receives a
>> const ref... that's why I came to this forum in the first place like,
>> 7 years ago. 7 years later... still can't.
> You've gotten user defined attributes in the language (and very
> undemocratically, I might add!), Win64 support, VC++ symbolic debug info, a
> number of improvements to C++ class support, SIMD support, SIMD intrinsics,
> pragma inline, yeah, we never listen to you :-)

These are practically uncontroversial though. Things like final and scope,
I had to work very hard for for many years. The amount of energy I spent on
that final case was like, more than I'll ever contribute again to anything.
The reason I was so insulted, and generally disengaged from this community
over that matter, was that I spent *years* arguing and slowly winning this
community over, to a point of unanimous agreement among the interested
parties involved in the discussions, and then it was done; implemented,
reviewed, merged, etc... and Andrei appeared and clicked the revert button
without any hesitation. He didn't need to argue his case, he just put his
foot down and said "this will not happen".
I think that's the point Amaury was making, and that I was generally
Perhaps he's entitled to do that... that's not for me to say. But it pissed
me off enough to stop contributing my energy in any substantial manner.

You've been a large influence over D, and a very positive one.

Thanks. I wish that event never happened and I still felt as enthusiastic
as I have in the past.

I'd really like to get this color lib through, but it feels kinda
stunted... I understand the feeling that I've seen many others expressing
or complaining about. I think some process could be improved to keep a
sense of motion associated with peoples efforts, and it might come up less

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