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I don't think so.
Why developer should use MacOS/Linux if the target platform is Windows in most of cases?

A developer who mostly targets Windows wouldn't. But if you look at the statistics [1] you'd see that in the category of systems accessing the web mobile&tablet systems (and we are excluding servers here, who are virtually all UNIX systems anyway) have been steadily overtaking classic desktop systems in market share, from which it can be reasonably argued that it's only a matter of time until the amount of development for Windows relative to overall development is declining (regardless of how little it already has).

Just for example. I'm a game developer and almost all game developers who I know works on Windows (MacOS and Linux used by less than 1% of them).

Game development is a (profitable) niche sector, which is indeed dominated by Windows (because of a historically entrenched monopoly, but that's beside the point).

Another example. A survey of developers (about 15K people) from Russian IT site. Windows ~67%, Linux ~20%, MacOS ~11% (biggest part of these Linux/MacOS developers uses it for web developing).

Citation needed.

In any case, the result is same: the biggest platform supported worse than others.

Windows is not the biggest platform. It may be for your use cases, but it's not overall.

[1] http://gs.statcounter.com/platform-market-share/desktop-mobile-tablet/worldwide

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