On 09.08.2017 09:59, Ryion wrote:
Specific people here keep responding how the complainer needs to do it 
themselves or pay for it.

This is usually after the complainer tells others to do it for him/her, sometimes using strong language.

The current thread is particularly peculiar, as it adds an additional indirection: the poster asks others to ask someone else to do the work. :)

Tracing the people that "complained" there post history, shows that most of 
them simply do not post anymore, after being told to do it themselves.

The threads they spawn are often not very interesting.

All the rest is simply negative PR for the people who lurk ( not post ) and read the comments.

It is also a common pattern for the complainers to point out how not fixing their pet peeve will result in negative PR or reduced popularity. As if everyone here was somehow more deeply invested in D's popularity than in its quality. I find that to be a bit irritating.

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