On Sunday, 6 August 2017 at 14:30:48 UTC, Ryion wrote:
On my work half the developers are on Mac, the other half are on Windows. There is not a single Linux system. From the windows developers 2 use "bash" on Windows regularly.
Moreover, Macs' popularity may differ a lot in different countries.

Most firms i have been its always a mix of Windows and Macs. The few Linux guy are die hard fresh from school guys, that are insisted on there Linux system. What some may consider "Ultra Geeks". :-)

It all depends on how you define development. For web development the target is Linux but the development environment is often Windows. So what is the correct a statistical target?

The best view is to see what is going on around one self and its mostly Windows/Mac with Linux deployment/testing for both systems. Windows Bash making that task more easy for the Windows guys.
I see same situation around. But Mac very expensive in my country, so many people often works only on Windows (with Linux environment, like Bash on Windows, etc).

I make games for Windows, iOS, Android and HTML5. And all this I make on Windows, which takes about 99.9% of all time (MacOS used remotely and very rare - for make build for test on real device; etc)

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