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> Maybe, Rust is a decent language, and it appears to be getting 
> better faster than D is. I recall the announcement of an 
> experimental precise GC for D in 2013 or so, and Andrei at the 
> time made it clear that a precise GC would be worth it even at 
> some cost in performance. I don't think D will ever get a precise 
> GC. Maybe the Rust and "Modern C++" guys are right and it's not 
> worth it in a systems programming language?

Go is a systems programming language with a GC. Well at any one time
there is one GC, but it does keep evolving, changing, and improving.
The Go team obsess, and quite right too, about having a GC that has as
little effect on the user application as possible.

As does the JVM. I think it is now on the seventh GC, and it always
gets better. G1GC is very good but still people are trying to improve

The problem seems to be when you have a GC and don't then try to
improve it.

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