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> On Friday, 9 February 2018 at 07:04:26 UTC, Nick Sabalausky
> (Abscissa) wrote:
> > (If I were in change of the world, /** and /* both would be
> > compiler errors, banned from all commits, and non-nesting block
> > comments of all types would be prohibited from all langauges
> > upon pain of...well, pain. They are spawn of satan and should
> > never exist.)
> Nested comments are superficial though, they were a mistake,
> really.

Seriously? Nested comments are _awesome_. IMHO, if anything, the fact that
the language has /* */ and /** */ is what's terrible. It makes sense for
porting code, but in all respects, they are worse than /+ +/ and /++ +/. I
hate it when I'm working in languages other than D and am forced to use
/* */ and deal with the fact that they don't nest. It may be a small thing,
but the fact that D has nested comments is just one more thing on the list
of things that add up to make D a lot more pleasant to work with than other

- Jonathan M Davis

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