On Thursday, 8 February 2018 at 15:56:16 UTC, Martin Tschierschke wrote:
You will get 9 packages listed. Which should I take?
If you click on everyone, you will realize, that some of them are forks of other. And the version number of mysql-native at the top, just recently increased so strong, that it makes a different. The minimum additional information which should be listed - I think - is the number of downloads and GitHub stars.

I know that there is work behind the scene to find some kind of weighted sort, this would be cool, but just displaying the GitHub voting might help a lot.

The answer to that is simply pick: null.

Two depend on vibe.d core. Several others have not been updated. As you stated several are forks. And not a single one is a official D supported package.

For basic technology as database's: Mysql, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, Firebird, MongoDB you expect this to be under the standard library for D, with official support.

The reason why scripting languages do good in user adaptation is simply because they offer all the necessary dependencies as official libraries.

Any language that depends on 3th party developers to provide this support can never have a standardized structure and forces people into making choices they may regret. Add also a total lack of quality control.

Extra fun: etc.c.sqlite3

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