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> On that note, I feel that I really should thank Sonke and those few
> that
> have helped him write dub. As much as I think that some aspects of
> dub need
> to be redesigned, at least they actually went and did something and
> managed
> to get it to take off enough that there are quite a few D libraries
> available using dub. So, while the solution may not be what we want,
> at
> least we have a solution.


And so inexorably an email thread fades into the distance and nothing
gets done because nobody with an opinion writes code, they just write

Your working on dxml is excellent proof of this. Once someone actually
starts writing code things happen. It is after all how we ended up with
Dub. Sonke et al. wrote code whilst everyone else just sounded off
writing emails. Atila wrote code to solve his pain with Dub.

I am happy to write code rather than emails, well once ACCU 2018 is
over anyway. But I am not going to do anything of this sort purely on
my own, it is too big, it needs people supporting as well as one (or
preferably more) doing. To date no-one other than me seems to have
shown any intention of writing code in support of the professed pain
with Dub.

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