On Thursday, 22 February 2018 at 09:45:25 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
Well, while that's definitely a problem, it really has nothing to do with why it's not in Phobos (no attempt to get it into Phobos has occurred since well before 2.077.1 was released), and if it _were_ in Phobos, then the regression would have been caught by the autotester, and the code that caused it would never have been merged - which is one advantage to having something be in Phobos rather than on code.dlang.org.

- Jonathan M Davis

I believe it's a common practice in other languages to do something like testing the compiler against top 20 (or more) most popular packages, while I doubt this package would make it to top 20 (do we even have such metrics from dub?), do you know if something like this is being done for D too?

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