On Friday, 23 February 2018 at 13:47:16 UTC, biocyberman wrote:

If I may say it honestly, and despite the useful 'save unsent draft' feature, the forum is by far the most user-unfriendly forum platform ever ....

So, to your question: "How do you get comfortable with Dlang.org's Forum?"

by lowering your expectations ;-)

I don't mean that to be too crtical .. cause I actually find the forum works very well for what I expect from it - which is not alot ;-)

again.. not trying to be critical here, just pointing out the obvious.

The forum is eternally in NNTP compatability mode, which is why it doesn't have all those fancy features. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

(btw. if you were born after 1990 or so.. so might have to google what NNTP is ;-)

If there is one change that I would really like, it's dark theme - cause I mostly do stuff at night, with a low lamp, and bright white backgrounds are really..really...really...really...really.......annoying.

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