On Friday, 23 February 2018 at 14:47:00 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
On Friday, 23 February 2018 at 13:55:44 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
And none of the features that you're talking about really make sense when you're dealing with NNTP or a mailing list. It's all just plain text.

Well, nntp actually supports basically all that stuff: you can do multipart/alternative for rich text and mime attachments for inline images, all kinds of stuff. I think it might even allow editing in the protocol, though propagating that to email users might be bizarre (still doable though).

So it isn't *actually* a technical limitation... though a lot of us might never use those features because we do interface with it as a plain text thing.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure editing is in there because Pan[1] provided the option when I used it.

Actually Pan is a really great way to read the D news groups, but as I started to access the forums from many different places it was just easier to let the web track messages I'd read. (Pan even supports some markdown (bold and such)).

1. http://pan.rebelbase.com/

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