On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 10:01:44PM +0000, bachmeier via Digitalmars-d wrote:
> On Friday, 23 February 2018 at 17:56:29 UTC, Biocyberman wrote:
> > Speaking on behalf of myself, after additional inputs from many
> > excellent and respectful users in this 'forum'. I can say that, on
> > the scale of 1 (least geeky) to 10 (most geeky), I would put
> > forum.dlang.org to the level 8 of geekiness required to use the
> > forum. It may be natural for long-time users, but for newcomers, it
> > is very challenging.

Hold it right there.

You're saying that it's a bad thing for a *programming language* forum
to have a high geekiness rating?  Implying that *programmers* (y'know,
ostensibly the target audience of said forum) are not geeky enough to
know how to operate a geeky forum?

Whoa.  I think I need to sit down.

> I have to admit that I don't understand this. I don't think it would
> be possible for it to be simpler to use this forum. No registration
> needed, plain text messages, just click "Reply" and type in your
> message. Additional features would make it more complicated.

Well, obviously non-programmers (or should I say, "non-geeky
programmers", whatever that might mean) have every right to be able to
operate a forum dedicated for a programming language without any undue
handicaps, so we have to make concessions on the level of "geekiness"
required to participate in the programming language discussions that
take place here, such that said discussions would be more accessible to
said non-programmers (or "non-geeky" programmers, whoever they may be).

P.S. I think my geekiness-11 brain just blew several fuses and 2
transistors.  Please excuse me while I take a break to go off to the
brain shop to replace them. Maybe I'll pick up an oxymoron compensation
diode on the way as well.


Gone Chopin. Bach in a minuet.

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