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> It might be because I have to use NTLM?
> --Steve
> On 9/3/04 5:44 PM, "Laurent Daudelin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> on 03/09/04 11:43, Steven Stratford at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>> Question: Seems slow. Are there ways/tricks for speeding things up? Our
>>> network is 100baseT so itıs not slow when I connect directly to our proxy
>>> server.
>> I've been using Authoxy since version 2.1 (or 2.2 maybe) and I've never
>> noticed any slowdown. Not that there isn't any, just that I've never noticed
>> them if there are some. I regularly transfer files from my PeeCee to my
>> PowerBook, also over a 100BaseT connection, through a DHCP setup.
>> -Laurent.

Quite possible but only Heath would be able to tell for sure...

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