I just installed the latest Authoxy, version 3.2, and it seems that  it has
a lot more problems than the previous version, 3.1.2. Anybody else  noticed

Almost every time I would bring up Dashboard with maybe a dozen of  widgets,
each of which had to open an Internet connection, Authoxy would stop
creating new processes and would refuse connections. I then have to
manually stop Authoxy and restart it. Or, whenever my RSS reader would poll
the 2 dozens or so of feeds I have, Authoxy 3.2 would just choke and  would
report "Fatal Error: Unable to create new process". Sometimes, it's "Fatal
Error: Unable to create new process. Errno: Resource temporarily
unavailable". I had those errors in the past with version 3.1.2 but not on a
regular basis as what I did experience today with version 3.2.

Anybody else? That is very annoying to the point that I wrote a little
script that open an internet connection every 10 seconds or so to  check if
Authoxy is responding and reports with a text-to-speech message  saying that
Authoxy is not working anymore. But still, that is annoying. Is there
anything I can do to prevent those errors?

Thanks in advance! Otherwise, one of the most useful utility I  have. It's a
shame that Apple won't include the ability to enter your proxy user  ID and
password right in the network preference pane...

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