I would go for 3 days - it worked out well for the GeoTools community. Three days is enough time to effect change; but not so much time you get bogged down.

I did find timing of a sprint right after FOSS4G to be a bit of a trouble for some (in addition to being tired ) reports this year indicate that sprints were hampered by the occasional hangover (no doubt due to wish others a good trip home the night before).


Paul Ramsey wrote:
Everyone loves a good code sprint... or do they?

2007 brought you the one-day sprint (with the GeoToolsers and uDiggers
going for an extended weekend sprint).
2008 brings you another day.
2009 is still thinking about it.

How much sprinting would you do? 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 days?

I am wondering if the right way to handle the sprints is to turn them
from something the conference quietly subsidizes to something that
OSGeo pays for directly.  That way the conference organizers don't
feel like they are having it taken out of their hide, and it can be as
long as people like. Also, it fits directly into the OSGeo mission of
promoting the development of the software.

Book-keeping-wise it's a left-pocket-to-right-pocket transaction for
OSGeo, but from a authority and decision making PoV it removes the
issue from the plate of the conference team and puts it into the hands
of the software promoting team (whomever they may be).

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