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Frank Warmerdam ha scritto:

The downside of the Bolsena event, in my mind, is that it puts the entire
financial onus on the attendies.  For some that is pretty tough.  I'd
prefer to see an event that could be mostly paid out of project sponsorship
funds (from projects like MapServer, and GDAL) with the attendies providing
their time and labor.

I think this is a very sensible suggestion. Can we work out a budget and
an expected outcome for this? This way it may be more attractive for
potential sponsors. I know the plone tribe organizes regularly such
events, and they have no major problems getting sponsors.
Of course, Italy is a very hospitable place in all seasons, and we can
find additional cheap and good places for this.


Note, I was suggesting drawing on the existing project sponsorship program
rather than a sprint specific funding and sponsorship effort.  In the case
of GDAL it is already operating a project sponsorship program and has
funds available that it's PSC could choose to use in this fashion.

Currently there are no other OSGeo projects officially participating in the
project sponsorship program so my idea is somewhat hypothetical.  I do think
there are several other projects that would be good candidates for the
project sponsorship - for instance MapServer.

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