OK. So the answer to my original question of " Can I ask if there are any plans 
to contribute back the forked geoserver and geotools parts?” that NASA does not 
currently plan to do so. 


I’m sure the GeoServer and GeoTools communities would be happy to work with you 
(see http://docs.geotools.org/latest/developer/procedures/contribute.html  and 
when you’re ready.


Thanks for your continuing support for open source.




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Life is work! We have not suggested “changes. . .just be taken from WWSK.” 


We have done quite a bit of work to get GeoPackage working with GeoServer. I 
believe it is good work. 


We are glad to work with someone who would like to take the lead in benefitting 
from our experience and incorporating the best of that into GeoServer.


We are quite occupied and focused in other areas, all open source. And though 
we are glad to help GeoServer benefit from what we have learned, we are unable 
to take the lead in that exercise. 


So, if this is of interest, great! If not, that’s fine too. We are simply 
offering the opportunity for someone appropriately qualified and interested, to 
work with NASA and benefit GeoServer. 



(650) 604-5656 (o)

(650) 269-2788 (c)


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Just so we’re clear – the geopackage stuff in WWSK is a fork of (i.e. copy 
from) the community modules in geotools and geoserver. For example, see  


Some changes have been made (including rebranding the Java namespaces). Clearly 
the changes can’t just be taken from WWSK, as noted in the OSGeo links in Ian’s 


I just hadn’t seen any communication or PRs, and wondered if that was the 
intent. I’m a bit surprised by the wording in your email though – if you have 
contributions, then why not just propose them like other contributors do?




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Our GeoPackage work to facilitate that via GeoServer is extensive and carefully 
architected. And we’ve discovered some other good things that would certainly 
advance GeoServer. 



NASA is prepared to work with someone close to GeoServer for these features and 
improvements to be ‘folded-in.’ We are glad to coordinate with a most 
appropriate person who would take the lead in that effort. 




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